THE BRASS MONKEY / Date Was Possession and Short Subjects

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THE BRASS MONKEY / Date Was Possession and Short Subjects
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The Brass Monkey/Date Was Possession and Short Subjects

by David Scolaro

Some of the writings for this book are taken from the authors display of situations and events either from our past experiences or present. Most of the stories describe fictitious, but entertaining, situations.

The Brass Monkey is a rendition of events in a student trying to be the best he could be. He endeavors to make his family proud by accelerating his studies and conduct. Sequences of this work date back to earlier times in American history when the social order of conduct was more congruent with early American family style. The story brings back memories of better times.

Date Was Possession. In a most traumatic present day in life (in some cases) of a person seems anachronistic to the point where it seems unbearable. This work presents a fictitious portrayal of how consequences of everyday life can lead to disastrous ends.

Short Subjects announces some details on the public experience of how situational settings are a theme in America.

About the Author

David Paul Scolaro was born in Johnson City, New York, on December 16, 1946. His mother brought him home amidst a heavy snowstorm. He was the oldest of four brothers and his fathers pride.

Scolaros childhood was preparatory through all school levels. As a student, he strived to do his best in every encounter. Working his way through Community College gave him great vision to accomplish magnificent findings. He was a part-time musician while at college and eventually earned high degrees for his engineering work and plans. Presently, Scolaro resides in the Binghampton, New York area, and is proceeding in his task to write entertaining novels and poems.

(2013, paperback, 54 pages)