The Bridge Between Heaven and Hell - eBook

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The Bridge Between Heaven and Hell - eBook

The Bridge Between Heaven and Hell

By: Anna Rominger


About the Book

Jane awakens with a severe buzzing in her ear, consuming her. As she gets up and reaches into her closet for some clothes, she feels a presence pulling her slacks away from her. A sudden vision scurries into her mind and she sees a person so incredible and terrifying, she falls to her knees. She trembles on the floor before composing herself enough to check her front door. It was locked. She checks the windows, and all are locked. She asks herself how anyone could be in her house? Especially that person – who lives over a thousand miles away.


About the Author

Anna Rominger was born in Illheus, a small island city in Bahia. She is one of a family of seven. When she was little, her family moved to a house on the beach and it became her playground. When she became an adult, she moved to the United States where she met her husband and had a beautiful baby. She became the CEO and Owner of Air Dimension Mapping LLC.

Rominger loves the arts, travel, cooking, and playing tennis. She currently resides in Florida. She has one other previous published book, The Adventure and Mystery of the Amazon.


(2020, eBook)