The C.S.S. Avenger: The Black Skull Squadron Chronicles

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9671-5
The C.S.S. Avenger: The Black Skull Squadron Chronicles
by Bryan Hoag Glen is the best pilot in the Confederate fleet. The Confederation, which has been at war with the Holyon Empire for the past sixteen years, has made Glen the hero it rallies around. For Glen, this pressure, along with a bad breakup with his commanding officer, leads to very low self-esteem. But things look better for Glen when he is transferred to the CSS Avenger, the new flagship of the Confederate fleet. However, the Holyons want Glen out of the way and send their best pilot to kill him. This, plus a new first officer for the Avenger, spells trouble for our hero in the first of a four-part series. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bryan was exposed to science fiction and fantasy early in life. He grew up watching Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and a variety of other movies and television shows. In Bryans teenage years, he found the written forms of these genres. The books he found added to the already huge love he has for these genres. Bryan currently resides in Tooele, Utah, with his wife and four sons. (2005, paperback, 172 pages)