The Call from Within

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The Call from Within

The Call from Within

By: Beth A Nigro

About the Book

Deborah is a reader and writer of animal lives. She thinks people need to search in their souls and find the sacred place where inspired movement begins as a force to be reckoned with. As she addresses the staggering debacle of animal rights, Deborah brings readers to the edge of their seemingly fluid existence, bringing to attention the ability everyone has to change and respond to her plea to “save them all.” Readers will experience the character’s imperfect life, her struggle for hope, and her regret of past negligence. Her light-filled spirit will nonetheless bring the truth to bear as she finds the freedom and opportunity to heal and to save all those lives; all worth living. Deborah is an image of humanity in bloom.


About the Authors

Beth A. Nigro graduated with a Masters Degree from Fordham University in New York, where she studied Animal Rights. She wrote an essay, “The Gulf Between Us: An Essay on the Separation of the Human and Non-human In Western Philosophical Thought,” that addresses Animal Rights and its connection with Feminist descriptions of the origin of dualist thinking and its role in the perception of animals and other Others.


(2019, Paperback, 504 pages)

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