The Care and Breeding of California Kingsnakes - eBook

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The Care and Breeding of California Kingsnakes - eBook

The Care and Breeding of California Kingsnakes

By: Catherine D. Foraci

About the Book

The Care and Breeding of California Kingsnakes is presented to readers at present as a teaching guide, “how to” book, or supplement for those in need of some clarification with raising and researching the proper way to breed kingsnakes. Gathering information and writing this book for all to enjoy and hopefully learn more about California kingsnakes, was not only Catherine D. Foraci’s life’s ambition and dream, but an accomplishment and journey that happens once in a lifetime with conditional and continual learning about the habits of California kingsnakes through raising and researching them. This book’s subject matter, raising a kingsnake in captivity, took years of research to complete and was initially Catherine D. Foraci’s senior thesis written for the University of Idaho as an undergraduate microbiology student. Foraci’s intent and ambition to finish The Care and Breeding of California Kingsnakes meant to focus on one species and bring a better understanding in rearing these amazing reptiles for both the novice and expert alike, now, and in the future.


About the Author

Catherine D. Foraci was born in San Francisco, California, to a family of Sicilian descent that realized the American Dream was in their future with significant potential for success and the pursuit of happiness. She began raising California kingsnakes in Portland, Oregon, intrigued with their exquisite beauty, temperament, and unique behavior they displayed in captivity. Her quest for knowledge began as a microbiology student at the University of Idaho, where she spent some of her energies writing her senior thesis about the California kingsnakes she owned and bred. Then, ultimately, earning two Bachelor of Science degrees, double majoring in microbiology & zoology, Foraci pursued a career in the veterinary medical field with determination and commitment after graduation. Her interests are in veterinary medicine, histopathology, and research, specializing with exotics such as birds—which she also breeds—as well as reptiles. Although, never progressing past a baccalaureate degree, she has continued her education in different clinical avenues in human medicine to earn a living. But her lifelong dream is to work in animal medicine and make a difference in their quality of life.


(2018, eBook)