The Cellar Spider Who Went Outside

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The Cellar Spider Who Went Outside

The Cellar Spider Who Went Outside

By: Barbara J. Wulf


About the Book

Jeremy is a young, inquisitive spider longing for adventure. Living in a cellar with his mama doesn’t offer much excitement. His favorite activity is crawling up and down the jars of canned goods in the cellar. Jeremy wonders where the colorful, delicious-looking canned goods come from, and he’s about to find out!


About the Author

Barbara J. Wulf reflects on growing up in a family where the garden was an important part of summer work. Planting, weeding, picking, and canning were family chores as they restocked shelves for the winter. As a former teacher and career coach, Barbara enjoys keeping a small garden in Wisconsin for fun, spiders and all!


(2021, Hardcover, 32 Pages)


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