The Color Keeper

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The Color Keeper

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The Color Keeper
by Rochelle Marie Modean-Napoli

The Color Keeper is a simple home-and-business paint record book. Have you ever painted a room in your home or business and then later you have to repaint the room but you have no idea what color you used? The Color Keeper is the solution to the painting frustration.

The Color Keeper is simple to use. Select the color paint you want and have the paint specialist print out the paint color sticker. Do not have the paint specialist put the sticker on the lid of the paint can. Place the sticker in The Color Keeper instead.

About the Author

Rochelle Marie Modean-Napoli is a green entrepreneur, author, pollution prevention activist, and child advocate. She has earned degrees in health science, law enforcement, and computer technology.

She has strong views on the links between everyday household chemical use and the growth and development of our children today and tomorrow.

She believes that we can make the planet a healthier place now and for future generations by living simple.

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(2010, paperback, 60 pages)