The Common Sense Guide to Weight Loss and Management

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The Common Sense Guide to Weight Loss and Management
by T.J. Hines The Common Sense Guide to Weight Loss and Management, written by T.J. Hines, is a comprehensive guide and advice for those who are interested in better managing their diet and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. As a youth, the author unwittingly fell into the trap of inactivity, which resulted in the rapid gaining of weight. Since that time, Mr. Hines has faced the challenge of finding the proper balance in his life that affords the opportunity to achieve a comfortable and healthy weight through a sensible diet and moderate exercise. Relying upon his years of experience, he has cultivated the information he has deemed effective and presents it in this informative work. With the credo of nothing in excess and everything in moderation, Mr. Hines puts forth what appears to be an intelligent diet and exercise program, which should not be found to be complicated or difficult to follow. Offering menu ideas and an exercise routine, it is quite possible that the reader will enjoy the results of the advice suggested. Although detailed in nature, the reader should not find the work overwhelming or highly technical. For those sincerely interested in embarking on a weight loss and management program, this offering could be regarded as a valuable resource. T.J. Hiness conversational style of writing, combined with his experience with the subject matter, further enhances the appeal of this work. ABOUT THE AUTHOR T.J. Hines was born in 1966 and was thin as a young child. Around the time he turned seven, he began to gain weight due to the amount of time he spent playing video games and watching television. From that time on, he had an uphill battle with a steady weight gain the entire time he was in grade school. He did push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks, but nothing helped. He did not lose weight until his first year of college. His weight fluctuated very little, from 185 pounds to 190 pounds, for the next twelve years until he got married in 1998. After he got married, he put on thirty pounds in one year, and it took over a year to lose it. After looking back on his weight problems, he now understands why he gained, why he lost, and why his weight stayed the same, and it was all a matter of common sense. (2007, paperback, 34 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.