The Creek & the Story of Dog

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The Creek & the Story of Dog

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The Creek & the Story of Dog
by Gene Hodkin

The Henley family migrated west from the Carolinas seeking to locate to avoid the conflict of the Civil War. They established pioneer-like housing. After a few months though it was wise to abandon their place and move. They joined with friends and traveled westward. They planned to extend the journey.

About the Author

Gene Hodkin is a small town boy of southwest Missouri. He lived through the Great Depression and drought of that time in the 1930s. He spent two and a half years in Civilian Conservation Corps, and most of his adult years in the automotive repair business.

Hes been an avid reader for most of his life. He spent many hours in the local library. He has always had the urge to write, and started when he was more than sixty years old. He wrote short stories and then this novel. He and his sweetheart have been married for nearly 71 years.

(2010, paperback, 104 pages)