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The Crystal Skulls Download
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The Crystal Skulls Download
by Colin W. Jacobs

All people have their own processes of coming to terms with all of the things they did rightly and wrongly when they were alive. Having dealt with these and rationalized this state, they can then go on to live in the spiritual world. However, there comes a time when the pull to return to a physical life comes upon everyone. The path back to Earth or any other world, for there are millions of civilizations, is a specialized one that is conducted by highly trained spirits. After a long preparation, the spirit is released and guided to the parents and into the environment, required to further their spiritual progression.

The experiences we have during each life time help us to learn to deal with many different complexities. From what do we understand from this? Think about the things you instinctively know to be right or wrong. Your chosen parents will have guided you as a child, to one degree or another, but there are concerns they didnt mention that you just know are right or wrong. Where does this knowledge come from? Do you know?

About the Author

The author Colin Jacobs was born in England in 1943, a complete surprise to both parents and the medical profession as he had been hidden behind his twin brother, something that couldnt happen today thanks to modern technology. As this was a time of war and food rationing, he was an extra mouth to feed, making it very hard to feed a growing family.

His childhood was unusual because unlike his peers who were playing football and other sports, his main interest was spiritual; he read every book on this subject he could get his hands on, and each one garnered questions that he needed answering. As a boy of 11 he had a 180-degree, full Technicolor vision of the life and death of all humanity and all the other things that took place within the spiritual world. Wonderful though this vision was, it posed more questions, ones that no one appeared able to answer. Over the next two years he became involved in every local religious sects, cult, and organization but still found no answers; he then accepted he would have to find the answers himself. By asking one question at a time, staying aware of people talking, and reading books and newspaper headlines he was able to find the answers for which he was searching.

As a child he talked a man out of committing suicide. So it is no surprise to hear the he then went on to take a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and has continued to help numerous people.

(2013, paperback, 464 pages)