The Dapple Gray Horse - eBook

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The Dapple Gray Horse - eBook

The Dapple Gray Horse

By: Jerry Sutphin

About the Book

When Marshall Jim Jackson sees a stranger riding his brother’s horse into Stone Creek, he knows something is wrong. Jim must find out who this man is and why he has The Dapple Gray Horse. The love and possible loss of his brother takes Jim on an emotional ride; and in order to solve this mystery, the journey Jim must undertake begins with The Dapple Gray Horse.


About the Author

Jerry Sutphin was born in Cortland, New York, in the Finger Lakes Region. He currently still resides there with his wife and their two dogs. Sutphin spent a thirty-seven year stint at Borg Warner Automotive before retiring. He wrote his first short story in his mid-sixties and The Dapple Gray Horse is his first

published work. Sutphin has always enjoyed being creative and, in addition to novel writing, plays the guitar and has composed over 100 songs.


(2018, eBook)