The Day of the Lord

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8705-8
The Day of the Lord
by Jonathan Trend The countdown to Armageddon commenced May 14, 1948, when Israel became a nation again. In Matt. 24:34 Jesus said, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Jesus Christ was crucified on Wednesday, Nisan 14. Existing Jewish Law would not permit the activities the Christian Church claim occurred on Friday during the Passover week when Jesus was crucified. America will be the beast from the sea, and her sitting president will be the Antichrist. At this time in world history, America is the only nation that could possibly be the beast from the sea. NATO will be the ten Roman Empire kings who will unite with the beast from the sea to destroy the whore of Babylon. The Roman Catholic Church and all the unfaithful protestant churches will constitute the whore of Babylon. One predicted sign of the endtime is that the fear of God shall be taught by the precepts of men (Isa 29: 13). This will be accomplished primarily by endtime Church doctrines designed to lead men to the church and away from Jesus Christ. The pre-tribulation rapture taught and believed by many is merely wishful thinking being presented by many misled saints of God. The format of this book was designed only to lead every reader into a complete knowledge of the coming endtime without bias or prejudice. ABOUT THE AUTHOR My parents did not attend church. During an annual Indian Powwow in the local park, they had a preaching service. Afterwards a man came up to me and my twin brother and asked if either of us wanted to accept Jesus. I said yes, and I was born again. In November 1964 in a tent revival in Phoenix, Arizona, I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Dissatisfied with my spiritual growth in the Lord, I spent many periods of extended fasting roaming the deserts in the American southwest. On January 19, 1994, I received a wonderful experience from the Lord. From this visit from God, I have walked with Him many times with exceptional closeness. I have always received revelations from God. The revelations over the past seventeen years, so many that were about endtime events, are what have led to the writing of this book. How does an inhibited elderly man present what is most certainly revelations from God without proclaiming to be a prophet? I dont have the answers. Thank you for your help and your guidance. (2007, paperback, 160 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.