The Dedication to the Trail of My Life

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The Dedication to the Trail of My Life

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The Dedication to the Trail of My Life
by Aishah Lee Kelsick

A person can sometimes be dealt a tragic hand in the game of life, a circumstance riddled with heartache. In The Dedication to the Trail of My Life, Aishah Lee Kelsick is living proof of triumph over these trials and tribulations.

An emotional powerhouse, Kelsicks collection of poetry will move you no matter your emotional standing. Weaving the universal thread of unconditional love throughout her book, Aishah Lee Kelsick commands her readers attention with each powerful poem, shaking even the most sound emotional foundations. Through words, she encourages everyone to walk in someone elses shoes before assigning judgment and to never give up fighting for your dreams. The Dedication to the Trail of my Life will certainly stir an echo of emotion in all who read it.

About the Author

Aishah Lee Kelsick is a lifetime native of San Bernardino, California, and has seven children. Her eighth child, Wisdom Lee, was tragically lost to SIDS as an infant. Ms. Kelsick holds a certificate in computer training and is also a certified nurses assistant. She is currently attending San Bernardino Valley College to obtain certification as a drug and alcohol counselor. In her spare time, Aishah enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)