The Deep Roots of the Olive Tree

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The Deep Roots of the Olive Tree
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The Deep Roots of the Olive Tree
by Rabstor Robert Brown

From the Jewish viewpoint, a great controversy surrounds the existence, coming, or even the possible missing of their expected Messiah. Biblical Scriptures, parts from the Talmudic writings, and even the words of Rashi, one of the leading Hebrew scholars, still lead to an inconclusive determination. Was Messiah missed, is he yet to come, or is there only a Messianic era in Judaisms future? The author realizes his Jewish family has a difficult time accepting Goyim as being brought alongside by HaShem, considering their position as a peculiar people to Him for time immemorial. Be assured no disrespect is meant in this search for the Truth Christian academics are sure they have confirmed. Come; let us reason together.

About the Author

Our author has been devoted to gaining a deeper understanding of Christianity and its Jewish roots, eventually surrendering to be a pastor/teacher for Gods glory. He prays the eyes and ears of Jews and non-Jews alike who read this work will be open to receive Gods refreshing and redemption through gaining a personal relationship with Yshua, Israels long-awaited Messiah. After being ordained and licensed in ministry in 2003, the title of Rabstor was born out of respect for rabbis and ministers who spent many long years in seminaries and Yeshivas. Gods Holy Spirit has given him understanding and wisdom to bring the Gospel to all people.

(2012, paperback, 250 pages)