The Demotion of a Dean: Why Another New York City Teacher Rushes to Retirement

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9722-4
The Demotion of a Dean: Why Another New York City Teacher Rushes to Retirement
by Paul Friedman In September 2000, thirty-two-year veteran elementary teacher Paul Friedman embarked on a new venture as school dean with great enthusiasm and vigor. What followed was eight-plus months of struggling against the tide of deep-seated negative attitudes to be the best dean he could be, followed by a month-long precipitous fall, ending with demotion and personal rejection. Throughout his career with the New York City public schools, Friedman fought to counter systemic weaknesses. This ultimate rejection by administrators, all rock-solid in their careers, convinced him that the destructive fallacies ingrained in our schools need to be exposed once and for all. In this scathing indictment, Friedman leads us to the educational systems sorest spots, which must be surgically removed if our city schools are to ever again educate our children. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native New Yorker, elementary teacher Paul Friedman retired after thirty-four years in the New York City schools. He voluntarily coached school-wide basketball teams and ran cheerleading squads, peer tutoring programs, and science and math clubs. He has written position papers on educational issues and articles on parenting. He has discussed educational issues at conferences and on highly rated talk shows. His first book, The UnderachieversNew York City Elementary Education through the Eyes of a Teacher, was published in 197980. (2005, paperback, 174 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.