The Designs I See: An Illustrated Book

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The Designs I See: An Illustrated Book
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The Designs I See: An Illustrated Book
by Jason Steen

This is a book about symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. It was put together by the artist with instructional use in mind. What makes this book interesting is that you can copy these designs, in color or black and white, until you can create designs of your own.

The designs are relevant to the world we live in. You may have seen them before anywhere in public. What makes this book unique is the quality of designs. Making them perfect is an art of its own. The author wants to teach you how to make designs of your own. It can be rewarding and fun to create designs and share them with family and friends. It is short and simple. He hopes you enjoy this book as much as he enjoyed creating it.

About the Author

Jason B. Steen was born in Ferndale, Michigan. His family moved to California and he now resides in the southern California City of San Bernardino, 75 miles east of Los Angeles.

Steen started drawing when he was twelve. His father was his teacher. He continued to draw and paint and study art through junior high school and high school.

Steen attended Victor Valley College for two years and received an Associates Degree in Art. After that, he attended the University of San Bernardino (CSUSB) for one quarter, but had to cut his education short due to a car accident.

Through the years, Steen has continued to draw and paint. He also had some experience working with designs. With that experience, he started working on this book and completed it within a short period of time.

Steen loves what creativity can do to refresh your soul. Drawing also brings with it a sense of enjoyment when you create something from nothing.

(2014, Paperback, 40 pages)