The Destructive Disease of Alzheimer's and Its Effects

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9923-5
The Destructive Disease of Alzheimer's and Its Effects
by Shari Plumlee The Destructive Disease of Alzheimer's and Its Effects was written in the hopes of giving people a clear understanding of Alzheimers disease, the process, stages, research, and resources. It will show the importance of being educated on all aspects of the disease, so that when decisions have to be made, when and how to make these decisions will become clearer. It will also share personal stories so that readers can see what others have been through, giving the feeling that one is not alone in dealing with the disease and its effects. Readers will also learn the history of the research that has been conduction on Alzheimers disease, how to handle behavior that goes along with each stage of the disease, and what resources are available for help. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Shari Plumlee currently resides in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She has been a licensed social worker since 1995, and most of her social work career has been in long-term care. While working in this field, she has experienced first-hand the destruction of Alzheimers disease and the effects it has on family members. Shari became personally familiar with the disease after her father fell ill, and she had to help her mother understand and deal with each stage as the disease progressed. She is currently employed as a medical social worker. (2005, paperback, 70 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.