The Detectives:The Romanos: Book 2

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The Detectives:The Romanos: Book 2

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The Detectives:The Romanos: Book 2
by Andrea Dumouchel

Ten years later, the saga of the Romano family continues. All of the Romano children now have children of their own. The oldest daughter, Izabel Romano, is married to Paul Bonneau, a former undercover police officer in Montreal. Together this dynamic couple owns a detective agency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A story of intrigue and romance is woven around the enduring love among Paul, Izabel, and their family. A beautiful Canadian teacher is found in a roadside ditch, victim of a hit-and-run accident. She survives but has no memory of who she is or her life before the accident. Then, a millionaire from Denmark is kidnapped in the Amazon, and the detectives are required to make the exchange and unravel the mystery behind his kidnapping.

The Detectives is a page-turner. Readers will travel to beautiful Rio de Janeiro, visit the mighty Iguazu Falls, and fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, to find the answers to the fascinating mystery of love, greed, and power.

About the Author

Andrea Dumouchel lives in the small town of Deep River, Ontario, Canada. This is her second book in the lives of the Romano family; her first was written while she was teaching English in Florianopolis, Brazil. The characters were still so alive in her, she just had to continue writing about them. Andrea is an adventurous person and has travelled extensively. She worked for six months as a chef on an Ice Island floating in the Arctic Ocean. She was in China teaching English, lived in Europe, and drove to every state in the USA and provinces in Canada.

Andrea loves to paint portraits in the Old Masters Technique. She keeps busy living life to the fullest and is now writing her third book, The Painting Class.

(2011, paperback, 224 pages)