The Dhampyr and the Regent

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The Dhampyr and the Regent

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The Dhampyr and the Regent
by Sheree McCoid

Hostilities between two powerful armies have raged for centuries. Commanded by vampires, who are determined to win at all costs, both factions quickly learn that holding the key to victory is a woman with extraordinary abilities.

While Maia is forced to enter the vampires battle, she discovers that she is descended from a rare bloodline-one that is feared by all vampires. Becoming a pawn in the bloody game between Wil, the leader of the Alliance, and Derek, the leader of the Malevitia, Maia is drawn deeper into a war she never knew existed.

The most important woman in history must confront the most ruthless of all vampire regents while maintaining her secret in order to stay alive.

About the Author

Sheree McCoid is a native Californian and lives on the central coast with her husband and three teenage children. A love of reading and writing took hold of her at an early age, which was lovingly encouraged by her grandmother. A busy wife, mother, and avid reader, she always finds the time for her creativity.

Tales of vampires are high on her reading wish list, and it is this interest that inspired her to complete The Dhampyr and the Regent.

Sheree believes in never closing your mind to the world around you, and novels that end with a twist are among her favorites.

(2010, hardcover, 230 pages)