The Dictator

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The Dictator

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The Dictator
by Khonzinkosi Memela

The Dictator is a must read for the free thinker of this day and age. It is an enticing book that manages to bridge the gap between the ancient, old dictatorships of human society and our immediate culture of today with an eccentric, unique, yet to-the-point, matter-of-fact style. It seeks to question the very mannerisms we consider the bedrock of our humanity, challenging their validity, leaving the conclusion to the reader. From politics to pop culture, man is influenced day by day to be the ultimate creature of the machine. This book is a description of the spiritual aspect of this dictatorship for the humanoid.

About the Author

Khonzinkosi Memela is himself an inquisitive man whom many would consider a soul-searcher. He enjoys travelling long distances; socialising; and writing books, such as fictional works, philosophy essays, etc. He has been a poet and musician for as long as he has been mature enough to think for himself.

He saw himself as a visitor wherever he was and, as much as he belonged, was always somewhat of a loner because of his nature to appear somewhat different. This, amongst many things, taught him to look deeper into things, as he has time and time again witnessed how judgement at face value would lead to ignorance. He has faced the challenges of the youth today and came to the decision to be part of the solution, not the problem.

(2011, paperback, 148 pages)