The Disaster Caster

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The Disaster Caster
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The Disaster Caster
by Grant Matthew Carter
illustrations by Donovan Morling

About the Author

Grant Matthew Carter lives in Cape Town and was schooled at SACS, one of the oldest schools in South Africa, being established in 1829, where he developed an interest in writing poetry. He qualified as a horticulturist and landscape architect in 1992 and now owns a landscape company in Cape Town. A keen reader of fantasy, he started writing a series of childrens fantasy, as well as a novel, in his spare time, as this has been his passion since childhood. The stories are being illustrated by his brother, Donovan.

About the Illustrator

Donovan Morling lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and qualified as a graphic designer in 1998, but his love for cartooning began as a childhood fantasy that he never intends to grow out of. Called into fulltime Christian ministry in 2002, he continues to illustrate in his spare time, being in the enviable position of doing what he enjoys and being paid for it.

(2012, paperback, 38 pages)