The Docklands Mystery

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The Docklands Mystery

The Docklands Mystery

A Martin Taylor Crime Novel

By: John Aarons

About the Book

The Docklands Mystery is the second in a series of crime novels that features Martin Taylor, an Australian at the Victorian State police headquarters in Melbourne's Docklands precinct.

In this new adventure, the owner of a Melbourne art gallery becomes involved in a mystery after having sold a valuable painting to a local businessman with criminal connections.

An elaborate plan is then hatched to get the painting back.

Martin's romantic liaison with a Spanish beauty continues in this exciting tale.

The Docklands Mystery will appeal to lovers of crime fiction.

The journey will take readers through Australia and the Netherlands with amusing touches of humour thrown in.


About the Author

John R. Aarons spent many years living and working as a design engineer and construction supervisor in Australia, the USA, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and New Zealand.

He now resides in his birthplace of Melbourne with his wife.

They enjoy many happy hours with their family who live nearby.

They continue to travel extensively every year.


(2019, Paperback, 158 pages)