The Dogooders

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The Dogooders

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The Dogooders
by Gerald L. Myking

This book is about the infringement on personal freedom. The book is political and controversial in nature. On one page, you may be shouting, Hooray! and on the next, Boo! The focus is on the most blatant infringements that often make the news. The authors opinions are very honest, direct, and often politically incorrect. The issues are a challenge to think for yourself and take the risk of possibly changing your mind. Whatever you believe, some emotions will be stirred.

About the Author

Gerald L. Myking is currently working as a six-color printer, his tenth profession. He describes himself as a Jack-of-all-trades and master of quite a few. Gerald served in the Armed Forces in the Korean DMZ from 1970 to 1972. He graduated from MAVTI with a degree in industrial drafting and graduated from Hutchinson Tech College with a degree in non-destructive evaluation.

Gerald plays guitar and has written about twenty-five songs and numerous poems. As a performer, he has been on stage, radio, and television. Oriental philosophy, history, and music are his favorite mental interests. Riding motorcycles, rollerblading, fishing, and golf are his favorite physical pastimes. Hard times have made him humble, and good times have given him hope. With this book, he is hoping to make writing his eleventh profession.

(2008, paperback, 100 pages)