The Dragon Academy

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The Dragon Academy

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The Dragon Academy
by Nikole Alvic B. Versoza

Eighteen-year-old Masanori Greyhen wishes to one day discover the mysteries of the Dragon Academy. He is set to battle Raisegan, the champion of all the elite masters of Japan. Masanori and his master begin training, find new friends along the way, and sink deeper into the truth. But as Masanori tries to protect the ones he cares for, he ends up hurting them instead. Thinking of himself as a monster, Masanori begins to wonder if he really is the son of the famous Dragon Academy master, Master David. Masanori and his friends will face many obstacles and battles in their quest to defeat Raisegan. Will Masanori be able to live up to his fathers legacy and become the new master of Japan?

About the Author

Nikole had always dreamed of publishing a book. She fell in love with reading at an early age and began to read uncontrollably. As a shy and yet determined fourth grader, Nikole began to write The Dragon Academy. She wanted to prove that she could do it and show everyone the skills inside her heart. Nikole joined several different contests, and her poetry was selected for publication. She is now in the sixth grade, and one day dreams to write about how darkness came into the world.

(2010, paperback, 48 pages)