The Dream

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The Dream

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The Dream
by Stephen D'Alfonzo

The theme of the book is one that features the main character, Ray, who is given a priceless opportunity to ask anything he wishes about the nature of life, good and evil, Jesus, different religions, Hell, reincarnation, etc. Ray has no idea why he has been chosen. He is not special in any way.

After a while, he simply goes along with the program, so to speak. He is taken on a journey across space and time by powerful spiritual entities. Ray visits regions both high and low accompanied by quite wise and loving guides. The knowledge given to Ray is not theological or religious. It is delivered in a straightforward manner that transforms him forever.

About the Author

Mr. DAlfonzo has been involved in spiritual studies for over thirty years. He holds a Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Arts in Theology from St. Marys Seminary & University. In addition to teaching at the collegiate level, Mr. DAlfonzo has experienced and researched a wide variety of spiritual and paranormal phenomena. His lifelong passion is investigating and understanding all things of the Spirit.

(2010, paperback, 56 pages)