The Dream That Would Not Die

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The Dream That Would Not Die

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The Dream That Would Not Die
by Glory Posey

The Dream That Would Not Die is a novel inspired by the memoirs of the Glory Poseys grandfather, General Adam R. Johnson. Johnson arrived in Texas as a young man, and, working as a surveyor, he envisioned a town along the banks of the Colorado. It was not until thirty years later, though blinded from a bullet through his temple in the Civil War, that he returned to build the town of Marble Falls.

Glory Posey based The Dream That Would Not Die on this true story.

About the Author

In The Dream That Would Not Die, young structural engineer Blake McClendon and his family are transplanted to Austin, Texas, where he is to build an arts center. While exploring their new community, they discover an old limestone mansion that was damaged by a tornado and find the mysterious initials ARJ barely visible over the front door. Their curiosity is soon replaced by tragedy, however, when Blakes son is in a diving accident that leaves him comatose. Then, during the building of the arts center, a welding torch lands on Blake, rendering him blind. His affliction leads him to find out more about General Adam R. Johnson, the blind builder of the town of Marble Falls and the original owner of the abandoned limestone house.

History and intrigue meet in Poseys The Dream That Would Not Die.

(2010, paperback, 212 pages)