The Ducks of Tammy Lake

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The Ducks of Tammy Lake
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The Ducks of Tammy Lake

by J. Manning Burroughs and Edgar Muscovy

Edgar Muscovy is the main character and narrator of this book. He tells his life story with humor and describes the daily routine, which is never dull. The ducklings are so cute with their yellow and brown fuzzy feathers. The arguing aunts and struggles for male dominance keep the days full of drama. Swooping hawks and osprey keep mommas scurrying to safety with their babies. A cruising gator poses a constant threat. Snapping turtles grab moving legs. Beautiful sunsets, still waters that mirror the nearby shore, ducklings and more ducklings, and duck society come to life in The Ducks of Tammy Lake.

Read it and enjoy the peaceful lake, beautiful scenery, and nature!