The Eight Companions: The Ryyouzyn War

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The Eight Companions: The Ryyouzyn War

The Eight Companions: The Ryyouzyn War

By: Andrew J. Congleton

About the Book

The Eight Companions failed to save Glendale. Now they must travel back to Drak to try and keep it from suffering the same fate at Dramascus’ hands. The last country standing, Dramascus grows ever stronger and summons the race known as the Ryyouzyns who have once tried to destroy the world of Nesa, but failed.

Prepare yourselves for an adventure with revenge, betrayal, death, and old alliances renewed. This is the last stand for Nesa.

About the Author

Andrew J. Congleton was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but was raised in West Virginia. Growing up, Congleton used to draw until one day he decided to start writing. He has been writing for seven years now. His imagination mostly comes out while listening to music or hiking. Currently, he is in the army, stuck in Alaska for now, and working on a third installment to the Eight Companions.


(2018, Paperback, 180 pages)

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