The Eight Companions

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The Eight Companions
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The Eight Companions
by Andrew Congleton

The Eight Companions is a story about eight seemingly random people brought together by one of them, a wizard. He made it their fates to bring them together to help him save the country. The companions consist of Peter Bacon, the town fool; Ash, the wizard; Arnold Fishbourne, a lycan; Calassan Venerald, a one-of-a-kind elf; Adthorn Venerald, Calassans brother and another elf; Alindri Bertholm, an assassin; Abigail Florence, the princess; and Sabrina Venerald, a vampire.

About the Author:

Andrew Congleton is a 19 year old high school graduate with an A+ average. He is currently in the military and has been writing for over 6 years. He began writing in the sixth grade. He enjoys hiking, video games, and watching Netflix or YouTube for story ideas. He believes hiking helps him the most since he is able to see new things and explore new surroundings.

(2016, Paperback, 368 pages)