The Epidemic of Teen Pregnancy: An American Tragedy

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The Epidemic of Teen Pregnancy: An American Tragedy
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The Epidemic of Teen Pregnancy: An American Tragedy
by Lisa Covitch

This book, The Epidemic of Teen Pregnancy: An American Tragedy is about the trials of becoming a teenage mother. The author shares some of the teen mother cases she has dealt with personally over the years.

This book discusses methods of preventing teen pregnancy. The author includes various resources that could be helpful to a teenager if she discovers she is pregnant. The author believes parents and schools need to become proactive when dealing with teenagers. They need to be more open with teens about the issues of teen pregnancy.

This book talks about the options teens have if they become pregnant. These include: keeping the baby, adopting out the baby, or aborting the baby. The author also discusses some of the trends today, such as grandparents raising babies of teen mothers, since many teenagers are not prepared for the responsibility of parenthood.

About the Author

Lisa Covitch resides in Altoona, PA, with her husband, Bruce.

Covitch is a Field Care Manager working for Community Behavioral Health Network of Pennsylvania and is a part-time instructor in Human Development at Penn State Altoona. She performed her undergraduate work in Human Development at The Pennsylvania State University and holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Through Covitchs last twenty-five years of experience in working with children and adolescents, she has encountered several cases of pregnant teens who are troubled and in need of help and guidance. That is where the idea for this book arose. If just one teenage girl or parent can be helped by reading this book, it will definitely be worth the effort.

Covitchs inspirations over the years have been her husband, Bruce, and her parents, Zane and Sonia Williamson, along with several good friends and family members.

(2012, paperback, 118 pages)