The Exotic Mermaid - eBook

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The Exotic Mermaid - eBook

The Exotic Mermaid

By: Leonora Raye

About the Book

Kimberly loves her job as an exotic dancer, but that was when she started pole dancing over a year ago at the “Hearts on Fire” club in Houston, Texas. Now the darker side of her glamorous career is pulling her down into a dissatisfied funk. When green slime starts seeping through the walls, and an accident lands her friend and fellow pole dancer in the hospital, the pressure mounts until Kimberly tries to get away from it all with a weekend in Galveston.

But things get even more bizarre until she faces herself and makes some life-changing decisions.

About the Author

Leonara Raye is a native-born Texan and currently resides in the Austin area. You can find her short stories, “Parts of a Whole” and “The Lone Star,” published in the Texas Writers Journal, January and April 2016 editions.  She is devoted to speaking to issues of violence and sexual exploitation against women. Fostering a positive approach, showcasing women in heroic circumstances and satisfying relationships is her goal as a writer.

(2017, eBook)