The Exploits of Three Friends

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The Exploits of Three Friends
by Trevor O. Turner

The Exploits of Three Friends depicts the frustration and uneasiness that reside in the souls of three young men. The uneasiness rests primarily in the undisciplined spirit; they have not learned to labour and wait. Impatience drives the insatiable desire for material possessions. As such, they who would be morally honest have joined the ostracized.

Although they were caught up in crime, they nevertheless were reigned in on time to go on to make good of themselves.

Young men with great potential displayed the weakness that lingered within but, with resolve, transformed themselves into successful citizens.

About the Author

A man in his sixties could not have a more spirited outlook on life. He has failed to allow society as a whole to limit his endeavors. He continues to grow like a green pine. Energetic and young at heart, he seeks to climb his mountains in his own time and at his own pace. Driven by an insatiable desire for what is coming next, he cannot wait to embark on the next project. As such, he must have several going at the same time. Mr. Turner hails from Jamaica and now resides with his family in Toronto, Canada. Travel with him, and you will have an exciting and enjoyable journey.

(2008, paperback, 122 pages)