The Firehouse Kitchen

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The Firehouse Kitchen
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The Firehouse Kitchen
by Thomas J. Parsons

The firehouse represents a significant portion of society that provides protection from fires and other emergencies. It is an institution.

This is where the heroes are.

Behind the big red doors is a territory where each firefighter has their own cause and individual ideas. But they deal as a collective group with endless challenges, from how to repair a toilet, work a computer, to how did so and so make that promotion?

They are people like us.

This is a satirical story about the other shift we always talk about and the shift we are glad we are not a part of. If you are on the job, somehow you know one or two of these firefighters. The stories are an accumulation of observations as seen by the author during a career in a firehouse. The challenges of the day eventually come together, as the firefighters share their feelings in the firehouse kitchen.

Oh, to be the fly on the wall.

About the Author

Thomas J. Parsons has been actively involved in the fire service since 1972.

He started as a community volunteer firefighter. He has been able to experience firehouse life, from riding the fire engine, being the cook, operating the pumper, to retiring from a paid department where he served as training officer.

He continues as a member of a rural donation funded fire department in Texas.

He also writes a monthly column called The Fill Line, and has written articles for a monthly periodical.

(2012, paperback, 96 pages)