The First Rider

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The First Rider

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The First Rider
by T. Salenger

Aresten is a trainee in battle school, waiting for the day he will be discharged to serve his territory.

But after he is thrown from his masters horse, he discovers a silver egg, and his world is turned upside down.

A legendary creature, long believed to be extinct in Diplomata, hatches from the egg. It is a Volu, and Aresten is to be its rider.

Soon they find both their lives in peril. People are no longer who they seem. Together, Aresten and Volu must find the strength and courage to survive.

About the Author

T. Salenger lives with her family in New York. She writes poetry and short stories, as well as full-length novels. She also enjoys reading and sports, especially field hockey. (Her team is undefeated this year, but she doesnt like to brag about it.)

She hopes to follow The First Rider with a sequel and would like to write more novels outside of this series.

(2009, paperback, 132 pages)