The Fleeting Moments

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The Fleeting Moments

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The Fleeting Moments
by Vivek Sood

The Fleeting Moments is in epistolary form and contains letters written by a soldier from the front line to his wife. Sitting far away amidst intense war-like activities, a soldier takes time out to pen a few thoughts to his beloved wife without mentioning a word about guns or bullets, lest it disturbs her peace of mind. The book highlights the profound love and humane aspect that even the soldiers have in them.

About the Author

A graduate from the Delhi University, soon after graduation the author joined the Indian Army and was commissioned to the Regiment of Artillery in 1975. The very first posting was to a field area. It was here that the habit of maintaining a diary started, and it has ever since stayed with the author.

Brought up in a joint family system, the author learned early to honor the family commitments and to cherish its core values. It was after almost two decades that the author happened to stumble upon a diary he wrote to his wife. The idea of getting these published was thus conceived; however, it was only fulfilled after retirement.

The author presently lives in Chandigarh in India and is leading a happy retired life. The Fleeting Moments is his maiden adventure.

(2011, paperback, 70 pages)