The Fourth Creation: God's Solution for the Devil's Dilemma

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The Fourth Creation: God's Solution for the Devil's Dilemma

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The Fourth Creation: God's Solution for the Devil's Dilemma
by Norman Lauchlin MacLeod, Jr.

Outlining the history-long struggle between Good (personified by Almighty God) and Evil (the devil), The Fourth Creation sets forth for the Christian layperson a major (if not the major) theme of the Bible. From the beginning, God has had a plan to thwart, overcome, and demolish the moral dilemma that Satan thought he was devising to trap the Omnipotent One, and thus the Deity can bless, instead of curse, the human race.

Many good people will acknowledge that they have never read the Bible all the way through. This book will outline what the Bible story is all about. It is not written for theologians (who can teach us all much), nor even for clergymen (who have received special training), but for the ordinary Christian who says, Help me get a new view, a clear perspective, of what the overall Bible story can mean for me.

About the Author

In his early days, the author, Norman Lauchlin MacLeod, Jr., trained for the ministry (A.B., Columbia University; then Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) and was ordained a Baptist minister. After several years, however, he decided he was better suited for other things.

Over his lifetime, he has engaged in extended periods of adult Bible teaching, both in churches and other venues. The theme of this book grew out of that teaching experience. Now ninety-four years old, he lives in Walnut Creek, in the Bay Area of Northern California.

(2009, paperback, 90 pages)