The Freedom Gene

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8767-6
The Freedom Gene
by Keith Wakelam A young student at a university, Keros lives in an age controlled by computer technology that rules everyones lives and determines their careers according to their genetic profile. Unfortunately his profile marks him out as a potential troublemaker, and he is transferred to training in a space colonization project and separated from his fiance, Su Chen, against his will. Being imprisoned in the underground complex of the university, he resolves to make his escape and forces his way through a psychological barrier into a medieval society that has been set up as a project to discover the causes of conflict in human society. Here he is faced with a civilization run on the basis of might is right and has many adventures that eventually lead him to discover a means by which the rule of the computers can be brought to an end. Under the rule of artificial intelligence, the driving force of logic only seeks economy and innovation stagnates. Freedom is necessary for evolution. ABOUT THE AUTHOR After serving forty-one years in the ministry of defense, retiring in 1978, Keith Wakelam was involved in all kinds of scientific projects. Following his retirement, he was employed at Surrey University on electronics for six years. As an inventor, he has patented many electronic devices. He is a founding member of the Scientific and Medical Network, an association for scientists who maintain their interest in spiritual values. His other books include The Morphism of the Void, How to Open Channels and Read the Muse, Biofeedback and the Human Energy Field, Understanding Eternity, The Individual Universe, and Building the Macromind. (2007, paperback, 162 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.