The Fruit of the Nut: Oneness… in a Nutshell

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The Fruit of the Nut: Oneness… in a Nutshell

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The Fruit of the Nut: Oneness in a Nutshell
by Max F. Taylor

For Max, Who says so well what cant be said, Walter Starke, well known author of God is All and many other inspiring books.

In this book, The Fruit of the Nut, Max Taylor, through meditative comtemplation, study of ancient spiritual and religious beliefs and current discoveries of science, explores the invisible realm. In a realization of the underlying singularity of Consciousness he finds a Wholeness and unifying force. This Wholeness encompasses particularity and multiplicity that evolves into a unity with variety. The author advocates Self realization of a Godself (God and Self as Being One) and to reveal this Oneness is our purpose in life. This revealment not only empowers the individual, but also, brings all closer together in harmony and unity. The book goes beyond space/time into an A-Dimensional realm that is infinite and expansive. The A-Dimensional accommodates the invisible realm of Conciousness and its creative powers of the five omnis.

About the Author

Max Taylor is a retired professor of art from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. One day, on a contemplative walk, he asked the universe what should be his purpose and meaning in life. The immediate answer was go forth and be my consciousness. Since that time, consciousness has been his main focus.

In The Fruit of the Nut, Taylor demonstrates simply and concisely the theory that all is one in consciousness.

(2010, paperback, 104 pages)