The Fuzz-Buckets

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The Fuzz-Buckets

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The Fuzz Buckets
by Sarah Heuer

The Fuzz-Buckets is a story about children with different hairstyles. The Fuzz-Buckets represent tangles and knots; and in this story, they show children the fun way to care for their hair. The goal is to be Fuzz-Bucket free and happy.

The Fuzz-Bucket story will capture the hearts and minds of young children, giving them the opportunity to learn to take better care of themselves.

About the Author

My name is Sarah Heuer, and I am a homemaker for my husband and two children. We live in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

When I had my daughter in 1997, everything changed. She was my first-born child, and I found myself talking to her and telling her stories that came to my mind.

She has beautiful curly red hair, but maintaining it was not easy. I tried several hair products in order to get tangle-free results. Eventually, I started to say, Come on, Fuzz-Buckets, get out of her hair. She started to laugh, and I was then able to continue styling her hair.

I am happy to say my daughter, the inspiration for this story, is now Fuzz-Bucket free and happy.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)