The Glass Façade

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The Glass Façade
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The Glass Faade

by Richard Cameron

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Richard Cameron grew up on the South Shore of Nassau County Long Island. He was a renowned wedding and portrait photographer/videographer and studio owner for nearly 30 years. He has degrees in both art and communications. Not taking to digital photography he decided to retire from the photography business.

Cameron continues to write because greens fees at Nassau County golf courses are expensive. His first book, Famous People Who Dropped Dead, an offbeat nonfiction book, was published in 2010. The Glass Faade is his first novel.

Cameron wishes his "two girls," Georgie 6, a Yellow Labrador Retriever, and Zsa Zsa 16, a Maltese, could accompany him on book events as they are his biggest fans. He resides in Nassau County, dividing his time between New York City and Florida.

(2013, Paperback, 376 pages)