The Graymalkin Comes

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The Graymalkin Comes
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The Graymalkin Comes
by Harvey Hastings

The Graymalkin Comes exploits the misadventures of a mountain lion used to create havoc among the neighbors for sinister reasons. Its a character-driven novel about men and women who work hard, play hard, and depend on one another to survive murder, intrigue, and spiritualization while maintaining a deep abiding sense of traditional western values. This is the first book in a series.

About the Author

Harvey Hastings lives his life much like he writes. Hes reckless without concern for political correctness, instantly ready to try a different venue. These same traits enabled him to become the U.S. champion kickboxer, a boxer, and a karate master. He has also been a successful real estate broker and has worked as a Boatwright, nightclub manager, carpenter, guide, waterman, trapper, and wrangler. He once rode a bicycle from Delaware to Key West, then to Chattanooga and back down to Atlanta, a distance of three thousand miles.

Harvey has drawn on these life experiences freely in writing his books and most particularly in The Graymalkin Comes

(2009, paperback, 192 pages)