The Half-Educated/Forgotten

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The Half-Educated/Forgotten

The Half-Educated/Forgotten

By: Otis Kelly

About the Book

When the author, Otis Kelly, looks around at his community, in other states, and on city streets, all around he sees despair. He cares and agonizes over the plight of so many homeless people:


1. Why are they here?

2. Where do they come from?

3. What are their problems?

4. What about their babies?

5. Is there no hope for these people when they said they have tried everything they know to do?


Then Kelly looked back over his life and he saw how far the Lord has brought him. He jumped for joy because he asked God, “What can I do that you want me to do? Use me if it is your will.” The Lord pointed out to him, back over the years, how He has blessed him with so many skills. Kelly believes that you and he can make a difference in the lives of so many people to start them dreaming of a better day


About the Author

Otis Kelly was born in the state of Louisiana, the third eldest son of eight children. He believes when a person asks you to tell them something about yourself—who are you?—you should always start with your family. What are/were their professional occupations?          

It is not very often that anyone would find or say this, but most of Kelly’s mother’s and father’s foremothers and forefathers on either side of the family were preachers, teachers, or singers.

These concepts and learned behaviors, Kelly believes, are instilled within him.  


(2018, Paperback, 42 pages)

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