The Hallelujah Man

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The Hallelujah Man

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The Hallelujah Man
by Loretta Hudgins

The stories shared in The Hallelujah Man provide an intimate look into the authors personal reflections, beliefs, and reliance on God during her 10 years of caring for a parent with Alzheimers disease. The Hallelujah Man is a window into both the authors family life and her relationship with God, who gave the author a spiritual backbone when she was being confronted with the complexities of this disease.

Although the stories the author shares relate all-too-common scenarios for many families today, the book remains a moving and inspiring testament of faith in the midst of adversity and sadness. Providing encouragement and comfort, The Hallelujah Man is about discovering God and facing the challenges that can arise as one seeks to honor his or her parents.

About the Author

Loretta Hudgins has worked as an occupational therapist in Chicago, Illinois, for more than twenty years. She received her post-graduate degree in gerontology from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Mrs. Hudgins lives on the south side of Chicago with her husband, Bobby, and two children, Shamari and Afiya.

(2011, paperback, 68 pages)