The Handbook for the Bee Loving Beekeeper

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The Handbook for the Bee Loving Beekeeper
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The Handbook for the Bee Loving Beekeeper
by James G. Miller

James G. Miller is an accomplished Certified Master Beekeeper of about 20 years. He started teaching basic beekeeping class about 12 years ago. One day he asked the question, How can I tell if my bees are healthy? He has established a lab in his honey house where he dissects honeybees. Over the years he has developed a process for determining if a hive is healthy or not. Since his trips to The Republic of Georgia his desire to have and maintain honeybees without the use of manufactured chemicals has grown. James apiaries are now Certified Naturally Grown.

Do you want sustainable chemically free hives?

About the Author

James G. Miller was born and raised in central Pennsylvania and moved to Washington State in 1985. Here he married his second wife, Jenine. He is 70 years young and has been a beekeeper for about 20 years. Since his retirement as a Mechanical Engineer in the spring of 2010 he has spent all his free time working with the honeybees.

He and his wife operate a small retail store selling beekeeping equipment and honey bees. He also teaches beekeeping classes throughout the Inland Northwest. For the last seven years he has studied the honeybee extensively. He also has developed a lab where honeybees are dissected, weighed and tested.

(2012, paperback, 100 pages)