The Healing Hands of Jesus

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The Healing Hands of Jesus

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The Healing Hands of Jesus
by Betty Annette Cooper

Throughout history there have been many stories of adversity and abuse. The Healing Hands of Jesus tells the story of the early period of my life and how I overcame the many challenges through faith in God. My first grade class consisted of several twenty-year-olds. One of these boys and his friends beat my brother. I was introduced to violence at a very early age. I was raped and became pregnant. Despite all this and more, I clung to the belief that God had more in store for me. My faith has kept me strong.

About the Author

Betty A. Cooper was born in Clayton, NC, in 1961. She is married to Ronnie Cooper and has lived for the past six years in Goldsboro, NC. She is the author of five previous books entitled Through Lifes Storms There is Still Hope and Their Lives Were Unexpectedly Turned Around (Vols. I and II).

Betty is a housewife, mother, grandmother, and public speaker who enjoys sharing her story of overcoming adversity through faith. She has two sons and four granddaughters.

(2011, paperback, 58 pages)