The Heavenly Beings Book One: The Angel of Death

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The Heavenly Beings Book One: The Angel of Death
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The Heavenly Beings Book One: The Angel of Death
by Christine J. Ryan

Angela Constance Johannsen is eighteen-years-old, a senior in high school, and it would seem as if she has everything going for her. Shes smart, attractive, popular, and has a handsome boyfriend. But nothing lasts forever her father begins drinking more and more, her boyfriend becomes cruel and controlling, and even her friends seem to be turning on her. Only two people are sticking by Angelas side: her good friend Rebecca (a.k.a. Raz), and Andrew, who is really her guardian angel Andross in disguise. As her last year of high school unfolds, dark and bizarre things begin to happen in the world, and she begins to wonder why she has feelings for Andross and why he always has such a sad look in his eyes

About the Author

Christine Ryan graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Wildlife Biology. She is currently finishing her Master's of Science degree in Ecology and Nature Resources at St. Cloud State University. She intends to pursue a career in wildlife management upon the completion of her degree. She is currently living in Minnesota and in her spare time strives to read and write as many books as possible.

(2012, hardcover, 170 pages)