The Hide Away: Sillie & Wawabird

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The Hide Away: Sillie & Wawabird

The Hide Away: Sillie & Wawabird

By: Belkis Finalet


About the Book

In The Hide Away, we find Sillie and Wawabird once again inseparable and creative. As clouds form in the sky, they scatter to build a hiding place for their cat, Boomba, and themselves. The adventure begins as they hunt for supplies around the house. Wawabird finds a rug to add color and warmth to their hideaway. Sillie questions where Wawabird got the rug, but with the excitement of building and hammering and playing, Wawabird’s wrong doing is forgotten… until their parents notice. The little girls continue to create while learning life lessons along the way.


About the Author

Belkis Finalet has continued the adventures of Sillie and Wawabird. The Hide Away is her second published book in the series of stories developed in the 1990s. Each story published has evolved to represent her enduring love and adventures with her twin sister. Finalet emigrated from Cuba with her family in 1968. She is happily married and now resides in New Hope, PA. A few of her favorite hobbies include hiking with her two dogs, oil painting, and gardening.


(2021, Hardcover, 30 Pages)


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