The Horseman

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The Horseman

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The Horseman
by Lucinda Rose

Dana Stoner, born into a cattle dynasty in southwest Montana, has the world at her fingertips. But when a tragic accident claims the life of her husband and daughter, Dana sinks into an abyss of depression and loneliness.

Fighting for her sanity, she pushes herself to overcome challenges few women would tackle. Her father's ranch becomes her refuge, and her greatest fear is leaving it or the small cemetery where her family is buried.

On a daily visit to the cemetery, she discovers her daughter's grave has been vandalized. As her screams fill the air, she detects movement in the nearby woods. Someone is watching from the ominous darkness.

As the incidents grow more threatening, Dana feels the security of her home slipping away and begins to questions her own sanity. She pulls herself from the perils of despair and calls her sister, Sydney, twelve hundred miles away. Together they begin to unravel the mystery and motive behind the heinous acts and uncover hidden secrets buried deep in the history of the Stoner family.

About the Author

Diane Speer resides in a rural area near Wellsville, Kansas with her dog, Gilda, a cat, Mya, and her quarter horse, Chevy. She has two grown sons: Jason, in Montana, and Ira, in Kansas. Her interests include trail riding, camping, gardening, and writing.

She began her writing career in early childhood and published a chapter book, Tears and Triumphs, in 1979.

Cindy Moore and her husband, Tim, also reside in rural Wellsville. They have four grown children: Derek and Austen, in Kansas, Stacia, in Arkansas, and Aubrey, in Missouri. She enjoys landscaping, camping, hiking, and traveling.

Diane and Cindy are sisters who grew up with four brothers. They became allies at an early age and are not only sisters but best friends as well. They have been business partners for twenty years, and their adventures have taken them throughout most of the Western states and many of the Southern states.

The sisters share a love for writing and began their collaborative efforts to write a novel in 2000. In 2010, they completed their first novel, The Horseman, and are currently working on their second novel, While We Were Sleeping.

(2010, paperback, 150 pages)