The Hybrid King: Prophecy

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The Hybrid King: Prophecy

The Hybrid King: Prophecy

By: Sharlina Honeycutt


About the Book

Nothing quite prepares marine biologist Thad Destin for the underwater discovery he makes. Below in the shadowy depths of the ocean lives and thrives an entire ancient world of merpeople. When Thad and a mermaid named Selale (Shuh-LAH-lee) meet, the impetus of the Hybrid King Prophecy is set into motion and nothing above or in the waters below can stop the events foretold long ago from happening.

Although both Thad and Selale realize the danger and the impossibility of their love, their passion and intertwined destinies draw them inexplicably to each other. When a child, the future king predicted centuries before, is conceived as a result of their union, fate unknowingly pulls the lovers and their small circle of friends and family from both the human and mer worlds into a desperate plan to save the child, a plan that will pit brother against brother, world against world, and good against evil.


About the Author

Sharlina Honeycutt has been a middle grades and high school English teacher for over thirty years. Other than writing, in her spare time she enjoys gardening and traveling, often to visit her sisters on the coast of North Carolina. An identical triplet, she and her sisters grew up in the Piedmont of North Carolina, where she and her husband live. The Hybrid King: Prophecy is her first novel.


(2020, Paperback, 366 Pages)


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