The Ignorant Genius

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The Ignorant Genius

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The Ignorant Genius
by Eric Reno

Eric is neither a Nobel Laureate nor an internationally acclaimed theoretical physicist. However, as a young person he often asked Does light have mass?, What causes gravity? and What is an electron? The answers received were either a deafening silence or seemed to him as confused babble. He believes he is not alone in this regard and that many fellow humans feel similarly disposed.

Where to look? Man is equipped with a brain and mind that is truly unique in the universe and every normal human has these, so why not meditate reasonably on known facts and thus gain some insight into our universe?

You are holding one result of this process in your hand right now.

Eric is a member of the species Ignorant Genius just as you are. You too can grasp what is to be perceived with a fresh approach to viewing our wondrous universe.

(2010, paperback, 152 pages)